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Hi folks - my deep apologies for not getting to this sooner!
I totalled the amounts in the reciepts forwarded to me by sponsors of the Eid-al-Thon that we held last year to raise funds for the survivors of the Pakistan earthquake, and, thanks to several generous doners who contributed more than their pledged commitment, we managed to raise...

45 Pound Sterling, 5,000 Yen, and $1,655!!!!

(It is possible that we have also raised an additional $72.50 - if you're one of the people whom I PMed yesterday asking for a copy of your reciept, just let me know and I can add your amount to our final tally.)

Once again, a huge thanks you to both all the generous sponsors, and the fan creaters who produced the many fanworks that helped raise this money.

Also remember, the collection at AO3 is open for submissions of fic centering around a fictional Muslim character all year round, and in addition has subcollections for each year of the Eid-al-Fitr challenge.

I'd also like to mention that the lovely [personal profile] azuire and [personal profile] kairia will be taking over as the mods of this comm since I need to step down, and will be running the Eid-al-Thon in August this year.

Once again, thank you everyone for your support of this comm!
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We've finally managed to update our master list of fanworks for the Eid-al-Fitr 2010 challenge and together we have managed to produce - 44 fanworks! This includes 3 vids, 3 pieces of fanart, 2 meta posts and 5 wallpapers; all categories of fanworks we didn't even have a single contribution in the last four years.

And the amount of money these fanworks have raised (provisionally - we'll post again once reciepts of donations come in) is...


You guys, do you realise how awesome you all are?!

Thank you so much, everyone who promoted, wrote, drew, vidded, talked and otherwise got this festival challenge to the place it reached this year.

We will be replying to all the sponsors in a day or two with the amounts their pledges reached. Many of the pledges got maxed out, which is utterly delightful, although meta, vids and fanart could still net us a couple of hundred dollars more. (If any sneaks its way in before we reply to sponsors, we'd be happy to still count it.)

Now that the challenge is over, please do take the time to enjoy the fanworks created, and leave some feedback for everyone who put in so much time and energy making them - they deserve to be appreciated on their artistic merits as well as for what they earned for charity. Consider writing up a rec post maybe, for your favourite fanworks to come out of it!

And do remember this community is open all year round to post about Muslim characters in the media around you!

[personal profile] kairia, [personal profile] azuire and I all thank you all once again for making our Eid so awesome!
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Greetings and salutations, all! Celebrations for Eid have finally ended, and the response for our little challenge has been absolutely fantastic.

But since [personal profile] dhobikikutti is away from the internet, we're extending the challenge for one more day. After that, we'll post the official master list, and the final tally of pledges.

So if you have anything you've wanted to finish or feel you could do a little extra, please go ahead :)

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Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri! Ciid Wanaagsan Oo Wacan Dhamaantiin! Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun! Barka Da Sallah! Eidet mobarak Roza wa namazet qabool dakhel hajiha wa ghaziha! Happy Eid!

Here are some truly stunning images from around the world of the month of Ramadan being observed.

And here are some songs for Eid from around the world, including some truly cheesy Bollywood ones.

Our collection is now live, and you are free to post your fanworks to this comm (as well as anywhere else you like). Leave a comment here with the following information, and we will edit our post to add it to the list.

The challenge stays open until midnight of the 13th of September, because our co-mod [personal profile] kairia pointed out that Pakistan (and Egypt and Afghanistan) celebrate for three days, and since we are raising money for the country, we thought we’d follow its tradition to give us the maximum time possible to raise what we can. Let's hope we can raise the full amount of pledged money for Pakistan flood survivors from this!

Master List of Eid-al-Fitr 2010 Fanworks






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It's around 24 hours to Eid depending on your time zone, and we will close our challenge at the end of 13th September. And here are some really important numbers concerning our sponsorship for the Pakistan floods -

10 fanvids can raise $100
20 pieces of fanart can raise $100
10 pieces of meta can raise $100
25 fanfics of over 1,000 words each can raise $350

And 50 fanworks can raise - $625

Please, please help us reach this number. Persuade friends to write a short story. Ask them to draw your favourite heroine. Tell them to write up some meta about why a particular character or movie or book is awesome.

Our challenge is awesome and we love it, but being able to give some necessary aid to people devastated by the floods is even more awesome and important. And we have the ability to do this.

Please help us make this happen.

If you are writing fiction, post it to the AO3 collection. If you are making fanart, vids, meta or anything else, you can post it to your own journals, to this comm or both, just make sure to link to it in the master post of fanworks we will be making early on the 11th.
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We've had a few people ask for this, so -

If there are fandoms and characters from our master list of Muslim characters that you are familiar with enough to offer a beta for, or certain ethnic or cultural familiarity questions you might be able to help with, leave a comment with the name and the best way for someone to get in touch with you.

If there is something you would like a beta for, leave a request, and how you'd like people to contact you.

Less than a week to Eid, people! Hope those fanworks are coming along!
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It is almost two weeks into Ramadan, and two weeks to Eid-al_Fitr. We hope your creations for our festival are going well!

We would also like to throw in our support of fannish fundraising efforts (such as [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan) for the terrible floods that have killed over 1,500 people in Pakistan and displaced more than a million. What has been especially troubling for [personal profile] kairia and me has been seeing a link between Islamophic perceptions of Pakistanis as 'terrorists' and 'honour-killing savages' and an apathetic desire to 'let them die'.

As you know, one very crucial goal of our fanworks challenge has been to increase the responsible representation of Muslims in fandom, because we know the real world effects of what distortions and erasures in the media we consume can have.

So we would like to encourage you to support this challenge, and at the same time support the much more pressing and urgent need in Pakistan, by signing up to sponsor our Challenge.

How it works:
  • You comment to this entry, making a pledge to donate a certain amount of money per fanwork generated. You can put conditions on your pledge, such as "I promise to donate $2 for every piece of fanfiction over 1,000 words", or "I will donate ₤5 for every fan vid, ₤3 for every fanart, ₤2 for every icon post", or "I will donate ¥1 for every fanwork up to a total of ¥30".
  • On September 11th we will post a master list of all the fanworks created for the challenge, with a breakdown by type.
  • By the end of September 12th, we will reply to your pledges telling you the amount you have committed to donating.
  • We ask that you, when possible, send us reciepts of your donations, so that we can post the actual amount of money raised by this challenge. You can email them to dhobikikutti@dreamwidth.org with private info blacked out; all information will be kept confidential.
  • The charities we are encouraging donations to are Edhi Foundation, Relief4Pakistan, or the organisations listed here.

Please do help us get the word out for this double challenge; we need both generous donors who will sponsor fanworks, as well as enthusiastic fans committed to increasing the number of fanworks in our challenge!
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A collection for Eid ka Chand fanworks has been set up at AO3 by my lovely co-mod.

Eid ka Chand

This is a collection for fan works featuring Islam and Muslim characters in fictional works, be they in film, television, comics or novels. The works do not need to deal with Eid or Islam. However, they do need to feature a culturally or religiously Muslim character as a main lead.

Posting is public and unmoderated for now, we hope that we do not have to change that status later on.

We will be marking the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr with our annual ficathon collections.

If anyone wants an AO3 invite code, [personal profile] dhobikikutti and I will sort something out.

Additionally: Eid al-Fitr 2010 will be happening around September 10, so we will hopefully be getting busier in the run up to that.
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All of the stories written for eid ul-fitr 2009 under the jump.

Read more... )

A total of 12 stories, which I'm fairly sure beats 2008 hands down. Take that, 2008!

As ever, we accept submissions year round.
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The moon has been sighted, and Sunday has been announced as Eid in a number of countries. So depending on timezones, it is Eid, and time to celebrate!

Please post your fics here with the title, fandom, rating and warnings outside a cut or above the link.

And India at least, is probably celebrating Eid on Monday, so feel free to take advantage of the extra time to lure more people into participating.

Eid Mubarak!
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[livejournal.com profile] daysofawesome runs a similar ficathon as ours for Rosh Hashanah, and their mod has a great idea - the second day of Rosh Hashanah falls on the same day as Eid-ul-Fitr, and she suggests writing a crossover fic with both Jewish and Muslim characters. We'd wholeheartedly recommend signing up for that ficathon as well, at least to write the challenge fic.

Eid is less than a week away, so do consider snagging an icon or two to promote the festival, and encourage your friends to write something for our ficathon!
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Ramadan has started, everyone! (Even if your mods were scatterbrained enough to not post on the first day... sorry.)

And this is the official post to sign up and commit to posting something - a drabble, a vid, a batch of icons, an epic, doorstopper novel - to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, which will fall between the 19th and 21st of September, 2009, depending on time zones and moon sightings.

The only requirement is that your work feature a fictional Muslim character in a significant way.
And there are many sources you can choose from: take a look at our list for inspiration, and feel free to add to it.

We will be hosting this ficathon spread over this community and the [livejournal.com profile] eid_fic community on Livejournal, so we will link to everything that does not get cross posted.

Please do spread the word about this ficathon as widely as you can, because we really hope more people can join us in our goals to both celebrate a festival that is important to many people, and to increase the presence of Muslim characters in fannish conciousness.

Ramadan Karim!
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International Blog Against Racism Week (IBARW) started this Monday. We would like to support it, and use this opportunity to point out that Ramadan is approaching - starting around the 21st of August, 2009, and culminating in Eid, which will be celebrated around the 20th of September, 2009, depending on geographical locations and moon sightings.

Not all Muslim characters are non-white/characters of colour. However, a significant majority in the eyes of the white, Western media are -- and the link between Islamophobia and racism is pernicious and pervasive.

In looking back at the previous years our sister comm [livejournal.com profile] eid_fic tried to generate effort in an Eid ficathon, it's disappointing how few responses there were. Seeing responses to other ficathons that have very specific requirements (zombies! threesomes! obscure multi volume canon for pinch hit!), we know that fandom is certainly capable of rising to the challenge of writing beyond their comfort zone, as long as they feel the interest in doing so.

We'd like to ask you to help us generate interest.

If you have reviews of books or movies with Muslim characters, post or link to them, and tell us what names to add to our master list.
Write or repost meta analysis about the intersection of Islam and race/culture in a source you enjoy reading/watching.
Think of a character you can talk about, and write an intro post, or do a picspam.
Make icons to share with other fans.

We're not looking for everything to happen this week. What we'd love is to have commitments from enough people to be able to guarantee a post a day through the 28 days of Ramadan... posts that hopefully incite a larger response for the celebratory Eid ficathon.

Although my co-mod [personal profile] shewhohashope is Muslim, I am not, and I have had to deal with unpacking my own ignorance, getting over my own fear, and overcoming my privilege to write Muslim characters. Celebrating Eid is personal for me because it is a festival I share with friends and relatives, but wanting to see more characters like them in fandom is political. Because I think that fiction has enormous possibilities for inciting change in how we define "normal", and whom we learn to love and care for despite differences in culture.
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Master List of Fictional Muslim Characters
[Source Material - Character(s)]

Films )

Television )


Realistic & Historical Fiction )
Childrens Books & Young Adult )

Anime )

Comics )
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Welcome to Eid ka Chand, which translates to "The Moon of Eid" from Hindi. This community is a place to discuss the representation of Islam and Muslim characters in fictional works, be they in film, television, comics or novels.

It is also a community where you can post or link to fan or original fiction about Islamic fictional characters. The fic does not need to deal with Eid or Islam. However, it does need to feature a Muslim character as a main lead. Fanvids and fanmixes are also welcome. Links to relevant blog or media articles are acceptable, as are cross-posts.

Posting is public and unmoderated for now, we hope that we do not have to change that status later on.

Please provide the following information at the top of your entry:
Name of your fandom/source material:
Name(s) of your character(s):
Genre: (Meta essay/drabble/vid/fanmix/etc)

We will be marking the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr and other Muslim festivals over the year.

This community should be a safe space for people of all identities, and no offensiveness towards religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, size or ability will be tolerated.

Master List of Muslim Characters
Freely sharable Icons
List of Useful Meta Posts


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