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It's around 24 hours to Eid depending on your time zone, and we will close our challenge at the end of 13th September. And here are some really important numbers concerning our sponsorship for the Pakistan floods -

10 fanvids can raise $100
20 pieces of fanart can raise $100
10 pieces of meta can raise $100
25 fanfics of over 1,000 words each can raise $350

And 50 fanworks can raise - $625

Please, please help us reach this number. Persuade friends to write a short story. Ask them to draw your favourite heroine. Tell them to write up some meta about why a particular character or movie or book is awesome.

Our challenge is awesome and we love it, but being able to give some necessary aid to people devastated by the floods is even more awesome and important. And we have the ability to do this.

Please help us make this happen.

If you are writing fiction, post it to the AO3 collection. If you are making fanart, vids, meta or anything else, you can post it to your own journals, to this comm or both, just make sure to link to it in the master post of fanworks we will be making early on the 11th.

Date: 2010-09-11 03:44 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] too_rational
*pokes head in*

I'm sorry, I just found/were linked to this comm, and I need a bit of help-- so, in the next 24-ish hours (btw, when does the time window close, exactly? I'm GMT+1), I can post fanwork(s) that fit the criteria of whatever fandom to the comm? And, if I make multiple fanworks, or icons and banners/wallpapers/whatever, should I post in different posts, or would posting everything in one be okay?

Thanks for your help, and sorry to bother you! =)

Date: 2010-09-11 07:37 pm (UTC)
too_rational: (Ingenious)
From: [personal profile] too_rational
*nods* Okay, I think I get it all. Thank you! =)

(And let's hope I don't disappoint. *bites lip anxiously*)


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