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Title: Wednesday's Dream
Fandom: The Man Who Was Thursday, AU (sex & gender swap)
Rating: PG (some language and non-explicit violence)
Warnings: Possible poor research, alas.

A short teaser from the opening. )

The fic itself, with fuller notes.

Eid mubarak! ♥

(Cross-posting to eid_fic on LJ.)
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Title: No Wolves Around Here
Fandom: Ender's Game; Alai.
Rating: PG, for bad sci-fi worldbuilding (Orson Scott Card's fault) and a second-hand knowledge of Ramadan (mine.) Also some swearing. No warnings.
Notes: Song title stolen from the Mountain Goats. Eid mubarak!

He jokes: the first thing he'll do when he touches down is eat eat eat. )
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Title: slodgers
Fandom: King of the Wind
Rating: G
Warnings: None

slodgers )
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Here is my fic, although the [livejournal.com profile] daysofawesome crossover might have to wait till Monday.

Not One, But Too

Haroun and the Sea of Stories and Un Lun Dun crossover
Rated G, 1,850 words
Beta thanks to [personal profile] soundingsea and [personal profile] naad

Read it over here.

Eid Mubarak, everyone!


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