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All of the stories written for eid ul-fitr 2009 under the jump.

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A total of 12 stories, which I'm fairly sure beats 2008 hands down. Take that, 2008!

As ever, we accept submissions year round.
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Ramadan has started, everyone! (Even if your mods were scatterbrained enough to not post on the first day... sorry.)

And this is the official post to sign up and commit to posting something - a drabble, a vid, a batch of icons, an epic, doorstopper novel - to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, which will fall between the 19th and 21st of September, 2009, depending on time zones and moon sightings.

The only requirement is that your work feature a fictional Muslim character in a significant way.
And there are many sources you can choose from: take a look at our list for inspiration, and feel free to add to it.

We will be hosting this ficathon spread over this community and the [ profile] eid_fic community on Livejournal, so we will link to everything that does not get cross posted.

Please do spread the word about this ficathon as widely as you can, because we really hope more people can join us in our goals to both celebrate a festival that is important to many people, and to increase the presence of Muslim characters in fannish conciousness.

Ramadan Karim!


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