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Hello there. I’m here to talk about a famous mythological figure.

They called him Hang Tuah.

It’s really funny, but when I was asked, earlier this year about fictional Muslims, I actually truthfully said that I couldn’t remember any.

Thing is, [personal profile] dhobikikutti started pestering me to talk about Muslim characters, write some Muslim fic, and I honestly couldn’t get myself started, because… well because I was lazy. Still am, actually.

But then I remembered: Hey, isn’t Hang Tuah a Muslim? It’s weird, because I normally associate Hang Tuah with Malay-ness (he’s kind of the quintessential Malay guy, really). And this is funny, because I remember playing him once in an amateur play. I was really bad at it.

So. How does Hang Tuah’s story go?

here's how it went )

Anyway, I thought it was cool, and I wanted to share.

Additional edits made after some feedback from one of my friends )
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Welcome to Eid ka Chand, which translates to "The Moon of Eid" from Hindi. This community is a place to discuss the representation of Islam and Muslim characters in fictional works, be they in film, television, comics or novels.

It is also a community where you can post or link to fan or original fiction about Islamic fictional characters. The fic does not need to deal with Eid or Islam. However, it does need to feature a Muslim character as a main lead. Fanvids and fanmixes are also welcome. Links to relevant blog or media articles are acceptable, as are cross-posts.

Posting is public and unmoderated for now, we hope that we do not have to change that status later on.

Please provide the following information at the top of your entry:
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We will be marking the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr and other Muslim festivals over the year.

This community should be a safe space for people of all identities, and no offensiveness towards religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, size or ability will be tolerated.

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