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Greetings and salutations, all! The last days of Ramzan are upon us and we'd like to remind you that the EKC challenge is in effect.

We are once again running the fanfiction challenge this year on Archive of Our Own. You may post fanfiction of any length to the Eid 2011 collection. Icons, vids, fanart &c can be posted or linked to in [community profile] eid_ka_chand/[ profile] eid_fic If you do not have an AO3 account, feel free to ask for an invite.

We look forward to going through the contributions and we hope you enjoy the rest of Ramadan.
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Greetings and salutations, all! Celebrations for Eid have finally ended, and the response for our little challenge has been absolutely fantastic.

But since [personal profile] dhobikikutti is away from the internet, we're extending the challenge for one more day. After that, we'll post the official master list, and the final tally of pledges.

So if you have anything you've wanted to finish or feel you could do a little extra, please go ahead :)

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International Blog Against Racism Week (IBARW) started this Monday. We would like to support it, and use this opportunity to point out that Ramadan is approaching - starting around the 21st of August, 2009, and culminating in Eid, which will be celebrated around the 20th of September, 2009, depending on geographical locations and moon sightings.

Not all Muslim characters are non-white/characters of colour. However, a significant majority in the eyes of the white, Western media are -- and the link between Islamophobia and racism is pernicious and pervasive.

In looking back at the previous years our sister comm [ profile] eid_fic tried to generate effort in an Eid ficathon, it's disappointing how few responses there were. Seeing responses to other ficathons that have very specific requirements (zombies! threesomes! obscure multi volume canon for pinch hit!), we know that fandom is certainly capable of rising to the challenge of writing beyond their comfort zone, as long as they feel the interest in doing so.

We'd like to ask you to help us generate interest.

If you have reviews of books or movies with Muslim characters, post or link to them, and tell us what names to add to our master list.
Write or repost meta analysis about the intersection of Islam and race/culture in a source you enjoy reading/watching.
Think of a character you can talk about, and write an intro post, or do a picspam.
Make icons to share with other fans.

We're not looking for everything to happen this week. What we'd love is to have commitments from enough people to be able to guarantee a post a day through the 28 days of Ramadan... posts that hopefully incite a larger response for the celebratory Eid ficathon.

Although my co-mod [personal profile] shewhohashope is Muslim, I am not, and I have had to deal with unpacking my own ignorance, getting over my own fear, and overcoming my privilege to write Muslim characters. Celebrating Eid is personal for me because it is a festival I share with friends and relatives, but wanting to see more characters like them in fandom is political. Because I think that fiction has enormous possibilities for inciting change in how we define "normal", and whom we learn to love and care for despite differences in culture.
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Welcome to Eid ka Chand, which translates to "The Moon of Eid" from Hindi. This community is a place to discuss the representation of Islam and Muslim characters in fictional works, be they in film, television, comics or novels.

It is also a community where you can post or link to fan or original fiction about Islamic fictional characters. The fic does not need to deal with Eid or Islam. However, it does need to feature a Muslim character as a main lead. Fanvids and fanmixes are also welcome. Links to relevant blog or media articles are acceptable, as are cross-posts.

Posting is public and unmoderated for now, we hope that we do not have to change that status later on.

Please provide the following information at the top of your entry:
Name of your fandom/source material:
Name(s) of your character(s):
Genre: (Meta essay/drabble/vid/fanmix/etc)

We will be marking the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr and other Muslim festivals over the year.

This community should be a safe space for people of all identities, and no offensiveness towards religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, size or ability will be tolerated.

Master List of Muslim Characters
Freely sharable Icons
List of Useful Meta Posts


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