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We've finally managed to update our master list of fanworks for the Eid-al-Fitr 2010 challenge and together we have managed to produce - 44 fanworks! This includes 3 vids, 3 pieces of fanart, 2 meta posts and 5 wallpapers; all categories of fanworks we didn't even have a single contribution in the last four years.

And the amount of money these fanworks have raised (provisionally - we'll post again once reciepts of donations come in) is...


You guys, do you realise how awesome you all are?!

Thank you so much, everyone who promoted, wrote, drew, vidded, talked and otherwise got this festival challenge to the place it reached this year.

We will be replying to all the sponsors in a day or two with the amounts their pledges reached. Many of the pledges got maxed out, which is utterly delightful, although meta, vids and fanart could still net us a couple of hundred dollars more. (If any sneaks its way in before we reply to sponsors, we'd be happy to still count it.)

Now that the challenge is over, please do take the time to enjoy the fanworks created, and leave some feedback for everyone who put in so much time and energy making them - they deserve to be appreciated on their artistic merits as well as for what they earned for charity. Consider writing up a rec post maybe, for your favourite fanworks to come out of it!

And do remember this community is open all year round to post about Muslim characters in the media around you!

[personal profile] kairia, [personal profile] azuire and I all thank you all once again for making our Eid so awesome!
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It is almost two weeks into Ramadan, and two weeks to Eid-al_Fitr. We hope your creations for our festival are going well!

We would also like to throw in our support of fannish fundraising efforts (such as [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan) for the terrible floods that have killed over 1,500 people in Pakistan and displaced more than a million. What has been especially troubling for [personal profile] kairia and me has been seeing a link between Islamophic perceptions of Pakistanis as 'terrorists' and 'honour-killing savages' and an apathetic desire to 'let them die'.

As you know, one very crucial goal of our fanworks challenge has been to increase the responsible representation of Muslims in fandom, because we know the real world effects of what distortions and erasures in the media we consume can have.

So we would like to encourage you to support this challenge, and at the same time support the much more pressing and urgent need in Pakistan, by signing up to sponsor our Challenge.

How it works:
  • You comment to this entry, making a pledge to donate a certain amount of money per fanwork generated. You can put conditions on your pledge, such as "I promise to donate $2 for every piece of fanfiction over 1,000 words", or "I will donate ₤5 for every fan vid, ₤3 for every fanart, ₤2 for every icon post", or "I will donate ¥1 for every fanwork up to a total of ¥30".
  • On September 11th we will post a master list of all the fanworks created for the challenge, with a breakdown by type.
  • By the end of September 12th, we will reply to your pledges telling you the amount you have committed to donating.
  • We ask that you, when possible, send us reciepts of your donations, so that we can post the actual amount of money raised by this challenge. You can email them to dhobikikutti@dreamwidth.org with private info blacked out; all information will be kept confidential.
  • The charities we are encouraging donations to are Edhi Foundation, Relief4Pakistan, or the organisations listed here.

Please do help us get the word out for this double challenge; we need both generous donors who will sponsor fanworks, as well as enthusiastic fans committed to increasing the number of fanworks in our challenge!


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