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It's 3 weeks for Dreamwidth and to kick off, [community profile] eid_ka_chand is hosting a comment fic fest!

1) Any prompts/tropes of all-ratings are welcome here as long as they have a Muslim (religiously or culturally) as the lead character. Here is a master list. Please note we have a no-RPF policy.
ETA: Feel free to ask for original characters in case the canon doesn't have any.
2) Please write the fandom and pairing and/or main character(s) in the subject line of your request. Prompts can be words, themes, a situation, anything that strikes your fancy. One prompt per comment. We welcome multilingual prompts/replies, please make a note of that in your prompt/reply and it will be included in our master list.
4) Reply directly to the prompt and if it's too long for one comment, reply to your first comment. Kindly include FILLED: title, fandom/character and rating in your reply subject, with any relevant trigger warnings. If replying to Part 1, you can repeat the subject or just write "Part 2".
5) Multiple replies to a single prompt are most welcome. Writers may write as many responses as they like, and prompters may write as many prompts as they like.
6) Anonymous commenting and CAPTCHA are turned on and IP addresses are not logged. You may prompt or comment anonymously if you like.
7) If you comment with fic, you may not post it anywhere other than Dreamwidth for three weeks after the posting date. You may re-post on your own DW, but not any other site or journalling system.
8) Please spread the word widely, and get writing!



Character: Faiza Hussain.
Prompt: stolen moments. Link here.
Prompt: away from home. Link here.

Character: Monet St. Croix. Prompt: Anything with food. Link here.


13th Warrior
Prompt: Ibn never got the ice out of his veins. Link here.

Cairo Time
Characters: Tareq and Juliette. Prompt: Celebrating holidays, as friends or more. Link here.

Characters/Ship: Zeenat/Meera. Prompt: Kissing on a train. Link here.

Indiana Jones:
Characters: Sallah and Mutt. Prompt: Sallah teaches Mutt about his father. Link here.

Pitch Black
Prompt: Imam knew his blessings despite the tragedies. Link here.

The Chronicles of Riddick
Characters: Imam and Lajjun. Prompt: how they met. Link here.

The Losers
Character: Aisha al-Fadhil. Prompt: The kind of childhood memory you lock away, lest the universe get fingerprints on it. Link here.

The Mummy
Character: Ardeth Bay. Prompt: sunrise. Link here.


Babylon 5
Original Character. Prompt: How the unnamed imam from "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place" end up working for the resistance with Brother Theo. Link here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Original Female Character. Prompt: A Muslim slayer having a discussion with her watcher about using a cross as a weapon. Link here.

Character: Abed Nadir.
Prompt: film class. Link here.
Prompt: Abed and his dad (Gobi), their first Eid alone (after Abed's mom left). Link: here.
Prompt: making friends. Link here.

Character: Sayid Jarrah. Prompt: Learning to fall in love again. Link here.

Robin Hood (UK)
Character: Djaq. Prompt: She finds something deeply satisfying about making things explode. Link here.

Star Trek AOS
Original Character. Prompt: unexpected but necessary adaptation. Link here.

Original Female Character. Prompt: keeping in touch with home. Link here.

Original Character. Prompt: Approaching a hunt from a Muslim perspective. Link here.

Cairo Time, Tareq & Juliette

Date: 2011-04-25 11:09 pm (UTC)
ar: Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta (film) walks away from the camera on a road in London. (vfv - the city at sunrise)
From: [personal profile] ar
Celebrating holidays, as friends or more.


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