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Jun. 25th, 2017 10:17 pm
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My Harry Potter and X-Files imports are complete now, all the way back to the first fic I ever posted online, almost exactly twenty years ago. I cringed a lot about some things, but I also clicked through and re-read a few old stories by other authors as I was looking for current links, and I take comfort in the fact that many stylistic and narrative quirks are things that other people were doing back then too. Some faults are my own for sure, but in some ways my fics are also just products of their time. And that's ok.

Now I only have one fandom left, but it's a doozy. I imported just over 50 fics over the last two weeks in all the other fandoms combined, and now I've got around 75 pop fics left that are not yet on the archive. So that's going to be a chunk of work. I might take a short break first, because it's a little weird spending so much time in past headspace. But otoh I don't want to lose my momentum.
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(and it's 87F past 9 PM, and the low's supposed to be 67F at 5 AM))

I'm mellllllllting

Happy Eid

Jun. 25th, 2017 08:48 am
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 Per on-going tradition, I've written a story for Eid.

Walls - Original characters, set in Syria.

Well, okay, I wrote a story that's part of a larger series of short stories. If I'd realized that it would also be pride weekend I might have written something more Prideful. 

So, happy Pride too. May everyone's rainbows hold off any lightning.

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Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:41 pm
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Life is good right now, and I want to record that, before I probably lose my apartment in the next few months, as I do every year for the past 5 years. Probably in some spectacular last minute clusterfuck, as has happened in 2 out of those 5 years.

Anyway, I'm still reading Ninefox Gambit and enjoying it a lot. My health is better. Not "healthy person" better, but definitely better than it's been in say, two years. I'm going to London soon, which is so, so exciting.

The thesis has been... awful, but awful in the usual academic-grind sort of way.

This morning my maternal grandmother's youngest sister died. I couldn't make it to the funeral, but weekend plans (mostly thesis plans) will have to be altered to go grieve with family. Her granddaughter just got married a few weeks ago.

I'm sad, even though I didn't spend a lot of time with her in recent years, since my grandparents died and we stopped celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries as big family events.

My grandmother was 12 when she and her sisters and her mom and her grandma and two of her female cousins were all living in a Nazi concentration camp. This sister, the youngest, remembers that time the least, but she was old enough then to help with the missions, where their mom would send them out in pairs to try and escape the camp illegally and get food and supplies in the nearby village.

Every outing meant risk of capture and death, so the girls always went in pairs with a cousin, not a sister. My great-grandmother wanted to ensure that she could never be blamed for putting her own children ahead of her nieces.

Anyway, it's a sad day. My own grandmother in New York just got out of a 3 month stay at the hospital, and I'm grappling with the fact that it's very likely I'll never see her again.

The sun is shining, and there are flowers outside, and I still have a bed and a kitchen and a closet that are entirely my own. I suppose that's something.

And the usual dismemberment

Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:01 am
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Yesterday my phone rang and I answered, not looking at the caller's number, thinking it was my mother. The caller asked for me by my full name, and I realized she was speaking Malay. Basically, she asked about a package from Amazon UK, whether I've received it and when. I had to speak loudly because the connection wasn't that good. After the call ended, I stared at the caller's number. Yes, it's a Malaysian number. The point is that I was surprised that the closest (the main?) drop-off point for Amazon UK deliveries seems to be in Malaysia.

The top 10 scenes from Shingeki no Kyojin S2. Carnage! Mind control! Possibly failed kiss!


Jun. 20th, 2017 01:50 pm
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Last night in my browsing for Poirot videos, I ended up finding and watching David Suchet's documentary on Being Poirot instead. :D It's actually quite warm-and-fuzzies inducing, if a bit spoilery on various plot points for various stories. David Suchet talks about figuring out Poirot's character, method acting, sets, his other film references, Agatha Christie herself, international audiences, etc. If you're an Agatha Christie fan and haven't already seen it, I think it's quite worth it!

Housekeeping and varying results

Jun. 20th, 2017 12:23 pm
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Icon purge! Out of 69 icons I deleted 61 and felt good about it. This one is new, made from [twitter.com profile] silverwind's scans of Naruto Stage Play 2017 bromides.

If you swear by your Myers-Briggs type, we have bad news. That explains why I got different results each time.

Teshirogi Shiori draws Justice League Origin: Wonder Woman manga. Superman looks like short-haired Gemini Aspros.

Probably shameful confession: I watched the first season of the TV series Gotham, just because it's readily available. The cliches, they abound. The future Penguin and Riddler are suitably irritating with dedicated performance by their actors. As an origin story it's so-so. Teen Bruce is slowly gaining bigger confidence in himself, and looks vaguely like one of my friends' son. Teen Selina is very beautiful, like a young Michelle Pfeiffer, and morally flexible.
I haven't checked Wiki yet but the series seems to end in S3 with a 2-hour long season finale? Might just go straight there.

in the heat of the night

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:24 pm
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I finished importing my old 'miscellaneous fandom' fics, and I'm getting kind of a kick out of looking at the newly expanded fandom list on my dashboard. I like having the record reflect that these are things I participated in, if only briefly, that they're part of my mental landscape. Also I like getting to see the cumulative word counts for the years in question, which I wouldn't have bothered calculating manually. Those will still change though as I go through the rest of my fandoms.

I think I might tackle the Harry Potter stuff next, and then the X-Files. I'll leave pop for last since it's going to be the biggest bear. Also I realized there's yet another issue I'm going to have to figure out: I joined in two co-authored popslash stories, and I feel like I ought to get an ok from the other authors ahead of time if I were to import those, but I don't have current contact information for some of the authors. And even for those whom I can probably track down, I have the impression they may not be as into the idea of reposting old works as I am. So I guess those stories may get left by the wayside also.

The deeper I get into this project, the more I realize that getting "all" my stuff in one place is an impossible ideal. Apart from the ones already mentioned, there are things like not!fic and WIP amnesty pieces in my journal fic tag, and filks and fannish jokes on my old site, which I can't see posting on AO3. I mean, it's allowed, and people do, but that stuff is in a different category in my head somehow than finished fic, and I can't see myself treating it the same way. And, y'know, I'm not going to type up the Labyrinth sequel script that my friend and I wrote in a notebook in junior high. So the record will always be incomplete. I'm consoling myself by singing THAT'S HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN.

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NSFW Jun. 18th, 2017 10:10 pm
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Walk this path into the desert

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:19 am
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Still haven't consumed any media, my friends -- well, no television, to my chagrin. On my to-view list?

Past and ongoing tv seasons:
  • Agents of SHIELD, S4 Finale
  • Underground S2's last few episodes (in careful increments and with bated breath)
  • iZombie S3 from 3x07
  • The 100's rest of the season
  • The Expanse (after I've recovered from the travesty of Julie Mao

New tv seasons:
  • Wynonna Earp, S2
  • Orphan Black
  • Dark Matter S3 (because mmh, Portia Lin)

Word-based media that I have consumed or am consuming, mostly on the fly, i.e. in planes, trains, and automobiles:
  • Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series -- I'm done with "Discount Armageddon" and am in the epilogue of "Midnight Blue-Light Special". I like it, but it's a let-down after the Rivers of London series)
  • The Book Smugglers' Quarterly Almanac (Speculative Fiction as such plus meta on it)
  • Nancy Isenberg's "White Trash", a must-read book

the state of things

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:58 am
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Life has been... nice, in the last few days. Productive.

deets )

I also spent Saturday, when I wasn't doing thesis stuff, reading Ninefox Gambit by [personal profile] yhlee.

Someone on twitter told me the book's first 100 pages were very difficult to get through, but after that it was worth it. I'd say that the first 50 pages are the exposition/introduction, and if I hadn't been prepared for them I might have indeed quit at that point because it just felt very dense in details and low on stakes, but after those 50 pages the story actually starts, and maaaaan.

I've missed just ENJOYING a science fiction book. Not reading for research, or an article, or a review, but just... reading. Purely for my own pleasure. And this book is so, so much fun. Usually when I wake up on weekdays I watch something on my ipad in bed for a few minutes, like a buzzfeed video or a daily show clip or whatever. I do it in between checking my email and whatever.

This morning I woke up, reached for Ninefox Gambit, read it for the 5-10 minutes I have for that stuff in the morning, and was SO SAD to put it down to go to work. I didn't even touch my ipad or my phone.

In a way this book deserves to be read in increments, and I wouldn't actually recommend binging it, because it's so thick in details and nuance and worldbuilding, the details take time to settle, at least for me.


In other news, today is a special day in novella land. Instead of a chapter, there's bonus material! Specifically, a map that goes with the story.

Of titanic franchises

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:01 am
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Mesmerizing mermaid photos reveal awful truth about our oceans.
The spinoffs of Attack on Titan. The light novel Before the Fall and most of the spinoff manga series have been licensed in Indonesia, except for Lost Girls (why).

♦ It's probably official that Toei has forgotten about the Saintia Shou anime or is moving it to another date farther down the calendar.
In unrelated news, Hori Hideyuki is still voice-acting. :o

♦ Upcoming wuxia adaptations that are not Jin Yong:

Gu Long: The Twins, Liu Xiaofeng, Chu Liuxiang
Liang Yusheng: Wudang Yijian. Bottom line: A boy grows up to avenge parents and gets entangled in Wudang business. As always, producers aren't that eager for Liang's novels where a woman (or more than one) is the focus or on the title, except when they can rewrite the story into a trajik romance. *sigh*

Periodic SWEDOW reminder.

Jun. 16th, 2017 02:50 pm
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Don't give stuff.

When official voices for a charity or a cause ask for stuff, you can give stuff. Give what they request, only what they request, and in good condition. Don't give unwashed or unfolded clothes. Don't give expired or open food. Don't dump and run.

Give money. Give time. Give votes. And if you know they want your stuff, give stuff.

After Hurricane Katrina, waterlogged schools full of developing mold were inundated with donations -- of textbooks from the 1960s, torn paperbacks nobody wanted, and old national geographics. Then it became their problem to throw away someone else's unwanted stuff.

Don't make suffering people the solution to your problems about not wanting to throw unusable clothes in the trash. Don't make them the repository of your helpless survivor's guilt.

From The Guardian's liveblog of Grenfell Tower aftermath:
He added: “I haven’t seen this much aid out of a war zone, but the council just hasn’t stepped in. There is too much in the way of donations. But the problem is how to get it to the right people, and what you do with the surplus. One man, I’m sure with the best of intention, left a massive box full of milk - and now volunteers have to figure out what to do with a box of gone-off milk.”

From twitter user [twitter.com profile] pastelchalk:

We feel bad throwing things away. Find a charity that actively wants your things, or suck it up. We feel bad being okay when disasters happen. Go volunteer to help, or become an activist for those trying to prevent similar tragedies, or write a check, or suck it up. The best of intentions and a fiver will buy you a cup of coffee.

small personal note

Jun. 14th, 2017 11:11 am
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Jun. 14th, 2017 01:41 pm
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Yesterday I went a networking event for ex-spies, which was... definitely an experience.

stuff and things )

only going one way

Jun. 13th, 2017 10:26 pm
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Luckily for me, the Open Doors people were able to forward me the notification for my imported due South fics, and I have now claimed them formally. Not that, y'know, they're such tempting peaches that I had to stave off hordes of false contenders, but still. I also took the opportunity to import a handful of fics that for whatever reason I hadn't put on the old archive back in the day. So now all my due South stories are on AO3.

It is a lot of work to clean up the imported copies, though, and I'm quailing a bit before the task of doing that for my other old fandoms. oof. )

idk, idk. Have you imported any of your old works to AO3, or any other archive? What kind of cleanup did you find necessary?
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