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Title: Beautiful, Beautiful
Fandom: EastEnders
Pairings: Christian/Syed
Info: clips used from May 2009 to Oct 2010 (First Kiss to Life Partner)
Length - 3:15
Music info: Beautiful, Beautiful by Francesca Battistelli
Download: from megaupload as .m4v file here.
available to watch through youtube through the embedded vid below
File Size: 38MB

Hi everyone, been speaking to [personal profile] dhobikikutti over at livejournal about sharing things here as Syed is Muslim (and the storyline revolved around that). Please feel free to check out other Christian/Syed vids over at my youtube channel. Thanks!
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Hi, All! It was suggested that I could cross-post this vid here, as the Abed half of Abed/Troy is Muslim.

Title: Up Where We Belong
Song Artist: Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Abed/Troy
Spoilers: Season one plus extras, season two eps 2.01 and 2.02
Warnings: Strobing in the opening credits.

You can download the vid here.
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A possible future addition to the fictional Muslims list:
New comic book to feature Muslim superhero (source: San Francisco Chronicle)

The superhero's appearance hasn't been finalized, but he definitely will be a Muslim boy in a wheelchair.

I take issue with the use of "unlikely" in the first sentence of the article, but the rest sounds quite promising.
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In keeping with the Yusuf-love from [personal profile] effex's awesome post!

Title: mine i'll leave to chance (AO3 | DW)
Fandom: Inception
Character: Yusuf/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Of all the senses, this one might be the hardest to pin down.
Word Count: 1500
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[personal profile] dhobikikutti requested that I crosspost this, so here we are. Hello!

Hey, Inception Fandom. Let's talk about Yusuf for a minute.

To be blunt: fandom is taking the only brown character, one of only two characters of color (Saito gets better treatment but not by a lot), and turning him into a caricature. Warping and dismissing his character when its not ignoring him entirely.

Which, just. No.
No. We can do better than this.

It’s an easy fix - we get about the same amount of information for him as we do for Arthur and fandom has shown that is
plenty. Let’s sit down and go through it.
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I have been commanded to crosspost this here, so here I am.

Love for More than Gentle Souls
Meta reflecting on the roles allowed to Muslims by, among other things, New York Times editorials, Elizabeth Moon, Captain Britain and MI:13 (a Marvel Comic), and guest bloggers at Angry Asian Man.
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Of probable interest to this community: [ profile] yuki_onna, editor of Apex Magazine, is responding to the Elizabeth Moon debacle by calling for submissions from Muslim writers and/or writers of Arabic descent. Apex submission requirements.
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We've finally managed to update our master list of fanworks for the Eid-al-Fitr 2010 challenge and together we have managed to produce - 44 fanworks! This includes 3 vids, 3 pieces of fanart, 2 meta posts and 5 wallpapers; all categories of fanworks we didn't even have a single contribution in the last four years.

And the amount of money these fanworks have raised (provisionally - we'll post again once reciepts of donations come in) is...


You guys, do you realise how awesome you all are?!

Thank you so much, everyone who promoted, wrote, drew, vidded, talked and otherwise got this festival challenge to the place it reached this year.

We will be replying to all the sponsors in a day or two with the amounts their pledges reached. Many of the pledges got maxed out, which is utterly delightful, although meta, vids and fanart could still net us a couple of hundred dollars more. (If any sneaks its way in before we reply to sponsors, we'd be happy to still count it.)

Now that the challenge is over, please do take the time to enjoy the fanworks created, and leave some feedback for everyone who put in so much time and energy making them - they deserve to be appreciated on their artistic merits as well as for what they earned for charity. Consider writing up a rec post maybe, for your favourite fanworks to come out of it!

And do remember this community is open all year round to post about Muslim characters in the media around you!

[personal profile] kairia, [personal profile] azuire and I all thank you all once again for making our Eid so awesome!
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Greetings and salutations, all! Celebrations for Eid have finally ended, and the response for our little challenge has been absolutely fantastic.

But since [personal profile] dhobikikutti is away from the internet, we're extending the challenge for one more day. After that, we'll post the official master list, and the final tally of pledges.

So if you have anything you've wanted to finish or feel you could do a little extra, please go ahead :)

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Title: The Ramadan Surprise in the Jeffersonian
Fandom: Bones (TV)
Character: Arastoo Vaziri
Rating: G
Summary: Arastoo is willing to bet that of all the Muslims in the world who have broken their fast at iftar today, he is the only one who's snatching a quick bite to eat before returning to work to reconstruct the shattered skull and ribs of an unidentified murder victim.
Word Count: 1066

Eid Mubarak!

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Fandom: The Losers (graphic novel)
Characters: Aisha al-Fadhil, Samia
Rating: Gen

My small contribution for this year's [community profile] eid_ka_chand is a few icons from the graphic novel of The Losers, mostly of Aisha al-Fadhil. Want, take, have. No credit necessary.
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Title: There's a Fine Line Between Coincidence, Fate, and Jonathan Carnahan
Fandom: The Mummy movies
Pairing: Ardeth/Jonathan
Rating: PG
Spoilers: through both movies
Words: ~500
Summary: Jonathan puffed up with outrage. "I will squander my fortune where I damn well please."
Notes: thanks to [personal profile] havocthecat for the encouragement and betaing!
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Art (graphics) and icons of Ardeth Bay and Zaf, two of my favorite characters in these movies/TV show.

Fandom(s): The Mummy, Spooks
Characters: Ardeth Bay, Zafar Younis
Pairing(s): none
Rating: PG-13, possibly mild R (violence)

( Follow me. )

Happy Eid!
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Fanvid focusing on the relationship between Sinbad and Rumina on "The Adventures of Sinbad."  AOS is one of the few shows that features a female villain as the male hero's main nemesis, and it comes with all the subtext of worthy opponent and enemy mine, and the show lets it be slightly canon.  Sinbad starts his career on the series by killing Rumina's father, a powerful sorcerer, but not before Rumina shows interest in him.  Most days, Rumina just wants to have sex with him.  But barring that, she'll also gleefully try to kill him, and their interactions consist of her doing one or the other alternatively, depending on what the situation calls for.  This dynamic is mostly fun because of the gender-reversed nature of it, and how Sinbad often has to use his manly wiles to distract Rumina from her evil, evil ways.  So they make out.  Often.  <3 

Title:  Masochism Tango
Fandom:  The Adventures of Sinbad
Song:  Masochism Tango by Tom Tehrer
Pairing:  Rumina/Sinbad
Summary:  Fracture my spine/And swear that you're mine/As we dance to the masochism tango.

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I got a bit nervous about whether or not my comments on the LJ comm had been seen, so just in case, I'm crossposting here. (Sorry if I'm nagging!) This fic was actually meant for last year's crossover challenge, but I didn't end up finishing it until this year.

Title: Rebecca
Fandoms: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves/Ivanhoe
Characters/Pairings: Azeem/Rebecca, Robin, others
Rating: PG
Summary: When Rebecca of York asks the Merry Men to help her father, Azeem's heart is touched in more ways than one.

When Azeem first saw the woman, from a distance, her bearings and the fine cut of her disheveled clothes made him believe her to be a noble lady recently robbed by Robin's men, and it surprised him greatly that they had brought her along into the depths of the forest.
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Fic contribution: summer reading

Community, Troy/Abed, general audiences, about 370 words.

Abed turns another page and says, "Ask me."

Eid Mubarak!
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Title: Bismillah
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character: OFC (the original-character Somali slayer from last year's Inshallah)
Spoilers: through "Chosen" (no comics canon)
Rating: G
Summary: Just like how TV detectives run in high heels, Faduma fights the forces of darkness wearing flip-flops.
Word count: 590
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Title: Competing Theories of Justice
Fandom: Marvel comics (Captain America)
Wordcount: 1300
Characters: Faith Bradley/Leila Taylor
Rating: PG
Summary: Faith multitasks, and always has.

Happy Eid!
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Title: All That Their Hearts Conceal
Author: Amal Nahurriyeh ([personal profile] amalnahurriyeh)
Fandom: The X-Files
Summary: Summer Ramzan is always the worst.
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13 (some cursing)

Note: A part of my ongoing AU universe, the Caseyverse. Can absolutely be read with no knowledge of either canon or the universe.

(This bunker, Jamila told herself, as she transferred cultures into a new dish, was very closely climate controlled. All the time.)


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